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Robert "Han" Bishop, PhD / Producer and Host

Jun 1, 2012

During this interview, Robert "Han" Bishop talks about his life, what led him to the profound transformational work he is presently engaged in, and how this "Transforming Reality" Talk Show came into being.

Robert “Han” Bishop is an adventurer, a teacher and a healer. He brings a lifetime of experience and learning in service to all those who choose to work with him. With  a Ph.D. from Northwestern University specializing in Environmental Psychology, Han spent several decades in corporate and government leadership positions before pursuing his passion for awakening others to their higher guidance.

Han calls his work "Awakened Guidance". It is a profound synergistic process that utilizes ancient shamanic and modern therapeutic healing practices. Using the powerful techniques of Awakened Guidance, Han counsels, heals, and teaches clients of all ages. He inspires them to go beyond present limitations and live lives of contribution based in well-being, greater personal power, and expressions of their true purpose.

Han is also Director of the Institute and Foundation for Advancement of Humanity, and of course, your regular Host here on "Transforming Reality" Internet Talk Show.

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