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Robert "Han" Bishop, PhD / Producer and Host

Feb 19, 2014

This (16 min) Interview with Shahla Ettefagh, a woman who is an inspiration for us all, demonstrating what one person can do for many when life purpose becomes clear.

Shahla Ettefagh has committed her life to assisting underprivileged children in India.  She holds a Master's degree in Architecture, Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Child Psychology. In 1984, Shahla started a successful commercial interior art design firm, as well as an adult community art school in San Francisco, California. 
 Some years later, while visiting India as a tourist, Shahla was so deeply moved by children living in abject poverty, that she vowed to return permanently to help them. So, in 2002, Shahla closed her businesses in San Francisco, sold her home and most of her belongings to fund what has now become Mother Miracle, and moved permanently to India.

 What started as a program for 9 children in a rented apartment, has flourished into a full-blown free educational institute located in Rishikesh in northern India. Today several hundred underprivileged but gifted children attend primary school, and have additional opportunities to study art, music, karate and yoga. Mother Miracle also offers a growing opportunity for young adults to receive free computer training, and for women to learn valuable crafts and vocational skills.
As Shahla says, “Mother Miracle is not just an educational institute but a large loving and nurturing family.” Funding is accessed primarily via individual child sponsorship programs, as well as general donations.

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Robert Han Bishop / Producer and Host (2-19-14)