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Welcome to Transforming Reality Internet Talk Show spotlighting Individuals and Organizations working to Raise Human Consciousness and Change Our World. 

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Robert "Han" Bishop, PhD / Producer and Host

Nov 24, 2014

Bodhi Setchko has created an extraordinary new musical offering entitled “Peace is Now”


His CD contains this powerful and shamanic calling, chanted in 30 languages, and composed in 12 beautiful, moving and stylistically different pieces, played and sung by talented musicians from all over the world.

Sep 9, 2014


* How did Richmond, CA go from being a Chevron company town to the most Progressive City in the San Francisco Bay Area?

* Why is it so difficult for Politicians to make Decisions from the Heart, even Ones who are Well Meaning?

* Why is the upcoming election critical in preventing Chevron...

Aug 22, 2014

  • How can the subconscious and superconscious aspects of the body-mind be accessed most easily?
  • Why is doing this so important for your well-being and personal transformation?

For answers to these and other profound questions, LIsten to my (14 min) interview with Rainya Dann, Director of the Institute for...

Jul 23, 2014

* Is it actually possible to communicate with animals at a profound level?
* How can this help to heal our animal friends when they suffer pain and illness?
* What can we discover about ourselves and the world around us by doing so?
* How does communicating with animals help to raise human consciousness?

These and other...

May 25, 2014

* Why is There so Much Conflict and Strife in the World Today?

* What is the Cosmic Unfolding Plan for The Transfiguration of Our World?

* Who are the Forces of LIght?

* Why is the Financial System an Essential Key in this Unfolding?

* What can Each of Us Do to Support the Monumental Change that...