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Robert "Han" Bishop, PhD / Producer and Host

Aug 16, 2012

Art Runningbear is a Native-American from the White River community of North Central Arizona. Runningbear was born and raised in a long lineage of the Medicine Clan of the White Mountain Apache Tribe.  At the age of five, he was brought to the Grandfathers and Grandmothers to begin his journey as a healer and a seer for the people. Runningbear’s journey brought him to travel the world, where his high level of healing ability and integrity enabled him to teach and learn with great spiritual beings.


Runningbear states his intention: “As this planet journeys towards higher consciousness, there is no door that cannot be opened – no past that cannot be read and learned from, no future that cannot be seen and created towards. I am willing to give my life in helping the human race evolve.  I am willing to give my life to help our people grow.” 

With this intention Runningbear teaches the lessons his life journey as a healer and seer have equipped him to do. His wisdom teaching has helped students from around the world become aware of their true selves, take new spiritual steps in life, and grow into their own personal power. 

We hope you enjoy and learn from this show ------------

To learn more about the work of Art Runningbear, please visit his website at (


Art can also be contacted directly by e-mail at (, or by calling (310) 430 0996.


                     Robert “Han” BIshop / Producer & Host (8-16-12)