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Welcome to Transforming Reality Internet Talk Show spotlighting Individuals and Organizations working to Raise Human Consciousness and Change Our World. 

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Robert "Han" Bishop, PhD / Producer and Host

Nov 23, 2011



It is a great pleasure to announce the official launch of  “Transforming Reality”, our Internet Talk Show featuring individuals and organizations working to raise human consciousness and change the world we live in.


I'm Robert Han Bishop,  Producer & Host for this talk show  


Given, what has been happening in our world with the “Occupy Wall Street and Everywhere” Movement, it is only fitting that we launch our show with "THE RISE OF CORPORATE POWER & PRIVILEGE  (An Historical Perspective) which is an enlightening interview with Gershon Cohen of the Earth Island Institute. 

Gershon is an environmental activist with many years of experience and success. He has observed that the root cause of almost all environmental issues is the same: Large corporations abusing their power in order to continually grow and increase profit while exploiting our resources and degrading our environment.

In this fascinating (40 minute) interview , Gershon explores the historical development of corporate power and privilege, starting back when our country was originally founded. 

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                                          Robert Han Bishop (11-11-11)