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Robert "Han" Bishop, PhD / Producer and Host

Jul 29, 2013

Death is a mysterious process misunderstood and feared by most of humankind.

Some of us live as if we will never die, but death is inevitable for each of us.

No one gets out of here alive!

In this (22 minute) interview Angelo Druda articulates profound traditional spiritual wisdom for anyone serving another who is dying, and for each of us in preparing for our own inevitable passing.

Angelo Druda is a senior educator for the Mate Moce Ministry which was  established by the well-known spiritual teacher Adi Da Samraj to instruct and serve human beings about the death process. Angelo is a certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a member of The Australian Natural Therapist Association, and the Founder of Traditional Botanical Medicine located in Cobb, California. He has taught seminars about ancient rejuvenation practices and the death process both here in the USA and internationally. Angelo presently practices traditional oriental medicine and is the author of a book about longevity and well-being entitled The Tao of Rejuvenation

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During a difficult time for me when my mother passed away several years ago, I felt much gratitude to Adi Da, for his wisdom teaching about the death process. It was of great help to me in serving her transition. There is one particular passage by Adi Da that I quote for our listeners now. It’s from one of his books entitled “Easy Death”:

To confront death in truth, you must be humbled and confounded. The death of another reminds you that in every moment you are principally confronted not by defined objects that are independent of you, but by an indefinable process that includes you.. 

Therefore in the face of the death of another, be moved to God. Remain sensitive to your present relationship with the one who has been irrevocably transformed before your eyes. Let the grosser parts return to the dimension of original elements, but remain free and Happy, allowing that one to be a blissful sacrifice into the Great Mystery that also obliges you ...

Surrender into Infinity with all your friends. Hold on to no thing and no one, not even yourself. Be certain of no knowledge. Forget all things in present Happiness, and so forgive the universe for all its playful changes. Always love one another, and so forgive one another for appearing, for changing, and for passing out of present sight. So be it....

I’ve often passed this quote on to folks serving the transition of another, and it has always been appreciated and meaningful to each of them.

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Robert Han Bishop - / Producer and Host (June 29, 2013)

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Robert “Han” BIshop, Ph.D. / Producer and Host