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Robert "Han" Bishop, PhD / Producer and Host

Jan 12, 2016

Why have You come here to Earth and What is it You are Meant to Do and Be at this critical point in the Evolution of Humanity? If this question is of great interest to you, Diamond Quest can help to find your answer.

Please listen to my latest Transforming Reality Talk Show interview with Abby Juan, a founder of Diamond Quest, which is dedicated to helping You find the way home to who You Really Are.

Within each of us, there is a homing beacon connected directly to our destiny and purpose here on Earth. Many of us don’t know what that means, or even comprehend its significance and importance in our daily lives. But somehow we know when it activates. For some of us, that activation is welcomed and anticipated - for others, it is abrupt and we are caught completely unaware.

For Abby, her activation was abrupt and unexpected, it took her away from a life as a successful executive in the business world, and placed her onto a deep and unknown path. Guided by unseen teachers, Abby was transformed by an experiential journey in which she learned that the worlds within and about her were interrelated and interconnected, and that there was a specific purpose and functional order to that connection. This connection is designed to ensure that she and all sentient beings can succeed in achieving fullest potentiality of life.

Now, Abby has emerged from her journey of 12 years, and now, as a life transformative guide, she is helping others find their nobility and way, so they too can embrace destiny and manifest their own mission in life.

In this (12 min) interview, Abby talks about her own personal quest, and her mission to change the world through Diamond Quest.

You can access this here* for immediate listening on line, or to download in mp3 format. We hope you enjoy and benefit personally from this show.

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Robert Han Bishop, Ph.D /Producer & Host (Jan 12, 2016)

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Robert Han Bishop, Ph.D