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Robert "Han" Bishop, PhD / Producer and Host

Feb 15, 2013


This interview, for ANYONE WHO CARES ABOUT ANIMALS, is about IDA, a remarkable organization that works on behalf of animals both here in the USA and internationally. Please listen and find out how you can help if you choose to do so.

IDA is a non-profit organization which rescues, gives sanctuary to, and provides veterinary care for abused and abandoned animals. In the USA, IDA also works to protect our nation’s wild horses, campaigns against puppy mills, vivisection, the fur industry, and on behalf of elephants and other wild animals mistreated in zoos and circuses. Internationally, IDA works to halt animal abuse in India, Africa, and parts of Asia. IDA will celebrate it’s 30 year anniversary in 2013, and is now recognize as a leader for the advancement of animal rights and welfare around the world.

Doll Stanley is one of IDA’s Regional Directors of Investigations, and has worked with IDA since their founding in 1983.  After being instrumental in shutting down two large USDA animal dealers for abuse in Mississippi, Doll and IDA founded the Hope Animal Sanctuary in 1993 which has since then, helped thousands of animals to be free from abuse and neglect. IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary has helped to shut down abusive puppy mills, pet shop suppliers, exotic animal hoarders, dog fighting rings, and has rescued many other animals from neglect and suffering in backyards, barns, and pastures

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Robert Han BIshop (2-15-13)

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Robert “Han” BIshop, Ph.D.

Producer and Host


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